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What is JTBD? Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) is a product management and marketing framework for focusing your company on your customer's unmet needs so you can build, market, and sell products your customers love.

Why use thrv? thrv is the only product roadmapping software that uses JTBD to help your team deliver more customer value than your competitors.

Who is thrv for? thrv helps product managers and executives connect the product roadmap to revenue goals. Researchers use thrv to connect qualitative and quantitative customer insights to the roadmap. Designers and engineers use thrv to keep the customer problem in focus while they build.

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What is JTBD?

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) is the most effective method to build a winning product roadmap.

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What Our Customers Say



    Head of Global Growth

    eBay Classifieds

  • "thrv has taken the jobs-to-be-done theory and turned into an actionable methodology. This helps resolve one of the most critical challenges for product teams: making the methodology stick."




    Thought Industries

  • "Engaging with the JTBD framework and the thrv JTBD Workshop was one of the best decisions we have made. JTBD has already been game changing for our strategic decision-making and product management process."





  • "I was blown away by how much we accomplished and how much alignment we achieved across our cross-functional team in the thrv JTBD Workshop."



    Sr. Director Strategy & Innovation

    Kellogg School of Mgmt

  • "Understanding the JTBD was 'realizing my full potential' was a critical first step, but thrv also showed us how to break down this goal/JTBD to identify unmet needs in achieving this goal. This is what we found really powerful about working with thrv; we can identify needs as metrics which we can measure and act on to help our customers/students."