Learn the Basics of Jobs-to-be-Done in 5 Minutes

Use JTBD to find out if customers will buy your product before you launch.

As people building products, we know pretty quickly when we make something that fails. Often, the cause is misunderstanding what the customer really wanted. Why not start your product development with your customer's unmet needs?

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) does exactly that. We made a simple introductory JTBD cheat sheet for you to use and share with your team. It explains:

  • The difference between traditional product management and JTBD.
  • How to use JTBD to launch successful products with less risk.
  • An example of how you would use JTBD to beat Apple and Google Maps.

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“thrv has taken the jobs-to-be-done theory and turned it into an actionable methodology. This helps resolve one of the most critical challenges for product teams: making the methodology stick.”

Head of Global Growth, eBay


Why learn a new way to make products?

Imagine if everyone on your team agreed on your customer's needs. You could transform stressful and frustrating product roadmap debates into calm, customer-focused collaboration. In our JTBD course, you will learn the best method to align your team to win in your market.

About thrv

thrv provides training, services, and software to companies looking to implement the Jobs-to-be-Done method and accelerate their revenue and profitability growth.

Jay Haynes, thrv's CEO and Founder, is the instructor for our JTBD course. Jay is an award-winning executive and entrepreneur. Over a three decade career, Jay has worked with and for Fortune 500 companies, private-equity firms, and venture-backed start-ups.

Jay graduated Phi Beta Kappa with highest honors from Brown University, and he received his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.